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Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday! My husband scored major points. He is not the most romantic guy in the world — a tradeoff I usually don’t mind because he is really a good guy, my rock. But I’m not going to lie and say I don’t wish that he was more romantic and spontaneously thoughtful….an admission that I suppose is my first as part of the “movement” of sorts amongst bloggers to be more transparent with our readers, so that you all can see that our lives aren’t necessarily as pretty as they may appear to be. I was honored to be asked to participate, although honestly, I don’t think my admissions are all that earth-shattering! But here we go…

  1. WELL-READ? It takes me months to read a book because I fall asleep after a few pages. I’ve never read a Jane Austen novel…honestly, I don’t plan to.
  2. GOURMANDE? I rarely cook. We buy a lot of easy-make dishes (that my husband will often make too). Then he and I will eat in front of the TV, at 9pm.
  3. VISION OF HEALTH? Despite my best efforts, I only make it to the gym twice a month, if I’m lucky. I drink wine most nights than not. I love coffee.
  4. UBER COOL CHIC? I am not the spontaneous or adventurous type. Backpacking, camping, river rafting, rock climbing, sky diving, last-minute travel — all sounds really cool, sometimes wish I could be that girl. But even Vegas scares me.
  5. UNSELFISH PARENT? I’ve had four knee surgeries (two at 15, then in 2006 and 2008), all from soccer. So I will be one of those parents that won’t let my kid play certain sports. Worse, I just don’t want to spend my weekends, vacations, precious free time or hard-earned income on a sport I don’t care to watch.
  6. WELL-ROUNDED, WELL-VERSED? I’ve signed up for some really great classes in the past — watercolor painting, tennis, horseback riding, Italian — and then only made it to a few of the sessions.
  7. A FAB D.I.Y.-ER? I have 4 half-finished canvasses in the garage.
  8. EASY, PERFECT LIFE? I had three miscarriages before having my daughter. The first was a huge blow  — went in on a Wednesday for my 12-week appt. (oblivious), and by Friday I was in the OR for a D&C. I cried every day for months, mostly in the shower so I wouldn’t worry my husband.
  9. EFFORTLESS APPEARANCE? I’d guess that I’m about 50% gray (I get my hair colored every 3-4 weeks). I have really sensitive skin, and a lot of wrinkles.
  10. YOUNG & ACCOMPLISHED? Last year, I went to my 20-year high school reunion.

* * *

In case you’re wondering, this all started with a post by Jess. Then Ez decided to continue it, and invited a group of fellow bloggers to join her. Here are the bloggers participating today in this second wave:

Cassie: Coco + Kelley / Christine: Court & Hudson / Caitlin: Sacramento Street / Roxy: My Cup of Te / Crystal: Blog / Meg: MIMI+MEG / Ashlina: The Decorista / Katie: Modern Eve / Erin: Apartment 34 / Erica: Design Blahg / Victoria: Vmac & Cheese / Christine: Miles to Style / Franki: Life in a Venti Cup  / Sue: The Zhush / Erika: Radiant Republic / Gabrielle: Savvy Home / Monika: The Doctor’s Closet / Naomi: Design Manifest /Tobe: Because It’s Awesome / Becca: {extra}ordinary wonders / Lynzy: Sparkling Footsteps / Hitha: Hitha On The Go / Sarah: Note To Self / Liz: So Much To Smile About / Sarah: Blogstar / Alissa: The Goods Design / Jessie: Style & Pepper / AV: Long Distance Loving/ Maggie: Maggie Rose Blog / Nicole: The City Girl In Me / Priscilla: The Best Laid Plans / Jen: Concrete Jungle DC / Janelle: Food Fashion Fitness / Natalie: East Coast Chic

A big thank you to Meg of MIMI+MEG for pulling this together!

And I do hope at least one of my admissions speaks to you. ;o)

Let’s have a great week!


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