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BRAND LOVE // Society Social (plus sneak peek!)

“Live Sparkly”

Society Social: impeccably styled, instantly recognizable

Happy Wednesday! I’ve got another “Design Under the Influence” up on La Dolce Vita, and this time around, I decided to have some fun with the whole bar cart trend! Won’t you join me over there today for a little clink-clink inspiration?

The resurgence of our favorite piece of festive furniture is in no small part due to bar cart powerhouse, Society Social. In addition to the most darling collection of bar carts and tables, they produce equally adorable chairs, pillows, rings, and even cozy hostess gowns! I’m always impressed by the growing product line, and stellar branding in general.

The Society Social Manifesto Magalog

The Society Social website

The (incredibly sweet) genius behind the brand is Roxy, my new hero. She created her company from scratch, and goes above and beyond with every piece she puts out. I often use Society Social as an example of unique, consistent brand messaging — whether it’s the first impression from the website and its super cute illustrations, or further exploration into the extensive “magalog” and its gorgeously styled photographs, or an email newsletter you feel so giddy about opening up to learn something new and useful. How does she do this?

1. Create a motto/tagline and a mood/voice from which all of your materials originate. Be clear, concise, consistent.

2. Create your toolbox of brand elements, and stick to it: a color scheme, patterns, elements, ornaments, fonts —pieces that you can throw together in various combinations, yet are still true to your brand. The goal: instant brand recognition.

3. Details count: be sure to infuse #1 and #2 in even the smallest of places, like the confirmation page for a newsletter signup, or your Facebook profile pic. Brand EVERYTHING.

4. Do it once, do it right! Hire as many professionals as you can, and invest the proper amount of time and care into the process: copywriters, photographers, stylists, graphic designers, web developers, social media gurus — ain’t nothing wrong with having a team of experts collaborating for you (unless you are superhuman and work 24 hours a day). I can’t tell you how many inquiries I get from companies that have wasted time and money because they didn’t invest in their brand! The result is always regret, realization, redo.

5. Be creative about how and where you express your brand: collaborate with others that can help you do so (i.e. fellow bloggers), and utilize the many social media resources out there to be had: Pinterest, twitter, Facebook, blogging — and utilize them often. (Study how Roxy does it…learn it!)

6. Don’t stop at the launch! Look for ways to maximize your target audience, such as expanding into similar markets. Keep reinventing what you have to offer to remain relevant.

7. Love it, live it. If you don’t, it will show. If you don’t, hire others that can step in when you’re not feeling the love. But you have to START with the love. It’s a marriage of sorts, and you’ve got to start off with those tingling butterflies from the get-go!

But of course, you have to have a great offering first and foremost! Here are some of Society Social’s pieces I am itching to get my hands on!

Please visit the Society Social website for more fabulous products and branding inspiration!

Sneak peeks courtesy of Society Social
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