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Big Now: Abstract Art

Money CAN buy you happiness (on canvas)

Have you noticed all of the abstract art in shelter mags and blogs lately?  I love it!  And I love that so many artists are selling their works online. Here are a few I’m down-right digging:

AK Daves "Brigid's Sunset"

AK Daves “Brigid’s Sunset”


Lauren DiCioccio: "Vogue JUL07 pg145"

Lauren DiCioccio “Vogue JUL07 pg145″


Rachel Guest "For Turner With Love"

Rachel Guest “For Turner With Love”


Giselle Sebag "91"

Giselle Sebag “#91″


Leslie Morgan "Forest Flow"

Leslie Morgan “Forest Flow”


Gary Petersen "Mixup"

Gary Petersen “Mixup”


Patrick Triggs "Ages"

Patrick Triggs “Ages”

Robert Darabos "Untitled Red White"

Robert Darabos “Untitled (Red White #2)”


  Nicole Cohen "Graffiti Series, Delancy Street"

*Nicole Cohen “Graffiti Series, Delancy Street”

  Swalla Studio "Repose"

Swalla Studio “Repose”

I’d love to hear if you’ve bought any original art lately!  Where did you put it?  I’m still loving the painting I purchased from Erin Ashley for my office, and I’m definitely on the hunt for another piece for the ever-elusive living room.

Have a great week!


*Nicole Cohen also writes a wonderful blog, sketch 42check it out!

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